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home is where the heart is…


home is where the heart is…

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Rise of the Guardians: “These are our centers. What is yours?

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the let it go/let her go cover by sam tsui is for jackunzel and i am thoroughly convinced

i mean really

let it go, let it go
you only need the light when it’s burning low
let it go, let it go
you only need the sun when it starts to snow

this is perfect for the big four meets the frozen four au and YOU’LL SEE WHY EVENTUALLY AHAHAHAHAHA

"He’s stronger. I can’t beat him." 

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The feels I give myself.

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Disney tag <3


Disney tag!

1. What was the first disney movie you watched? - I would always have theis weird memory/vision of these 3 women passing around and eyeball… until I was four and I was reunited with my all time favourite Disney movie: Hercules

2. Which disney movies are you excited for (Finding Dory, Maleficent, Frozen 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, Moana etc.) - Finding Dory FROZEN 2 WHAA all of dem aha

3. Who’s your favourite Disney male character? - Peter pan (funny Disneyland story actually <3)

4. Which disney character do you think are you most like (physically and/or personally)? - Rapunzel definitely, or maybe Anna

5. favourite Disney Movie(s)? - (in order) CHILDHOOD: Hercules, Peter Pan, Hunchback of Notre Dam, Tarzan, Frozen

6. Most underrated movie? - We never heard much about Tarzan at all and its one of my favourites! But the most underrated would have to be Treasure Island or Brother Bear

7. Favorite disney song? - God Help the Outcasts, I wont say I’m in love, let it go, YEAH <3

8. favorite Disney park attraction? - JUST WENT!! I would have to say Radiator Springs Racers, Big thunder Mountain, or California Screamin. We also saw Aladdin; a Musical Spectacular BEST EVER\

9. What’s the saddest moment for you in any Disney film? - Mufasa dies, Bambi’s mom dies, DUMBO’S MOM IS IN A CAGE,

10. If you could live in any world from a Disney movie, which would you choose? - Neverland or Wonderland

11. Favourite character from Frozen? - Big Summa Blowout guy xD or Sven <3

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1. Favourite Disney villain? - Hades from Hercules

2. Character would you most like to have as a best friend/accomplice/partner in crime? - Carpet, Aladdin

3. If you could change the ending of a Disney movie, which ending would you choose and how would you change it? - lol Nope

4. Which upcoming Disney film are you most looking forward to? - Maleficient! each time I see it I say Mal-efficient XD

5. Best film soundtrack? - Hercules, Aladdin or Frozen

6. What piece of Disney merch (books, toys, posters - anything) do you want? - A book I saw in California Adventure yesterday; it was Rapunzel, Tiana and someone else’s wedding <3

7. Which Disney movie setting would you most like to live in? - atlantis

8. Which Disney character would you choose to spend your “happily ever after” with? (i.e. Disney crush) - Peter Pan

9. Favorite Disney fanwork you’ve come across? - modernized/hipster Disney prisncesses and characters

10. Which Disney animal sidekick would you want as your own pet/sidekick? - Sven

11. Film you wish Disney would make? (can be an existing fairy tale, hypothetical sequel, original idea, or whatever you wish) - Where its sort of a spoof and the princess saves the prince and the city or whatever <3

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